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Friteatret, Huken 3d, Porsgrunn

Tue Sept 19. h.18:00!

PIT has a large number of volunteers, who makes it possible to make the festival. These are people we really appriciate and depend on. In 2017 more or less 120 volunteers where working. People from many countries and in all ages worked together a busy week, douing all kinds of work, from driving artists, rigging, running the volunteers café, etc. There is laughter, sweat, pulse and good vibrations!

Being a volunteer at PIT is great fun and lots of work. You learn new skills and meet new friends. Our volunteers keep comin back, year after year, some even from abroad!

Rune Belsvik has written three books about life in the tiny hamlet Bløygen. Grenland Friteater – as the first theatre in the country – will stage his poetic and witty tale of Bidger and Esmulini. A couple that most of all wants a child, – but they have no idea how it’s done….

Ælvespeilet  June 13 – 14 – 15 – 16 – 17 at 6pm


The year is 1938. The mighty theater director Sven Elvedal is bankrupt. The theater will be closed; friends and colleagues will be thrown into despairing unemployment.  But, wait! In from the left comes the busty Hilda Hendriksen. She can generate money, but ….

Ælvespeilet  June 16 and 17


It is 2017. Dr. Joseph Goebbels, the strategist behind Hitler’s propaganda, is very much alive and spends his time in The Führer’s bunker. From there he sends his daily program Radio Free Goebbels. He believes more than ever in the vision behind the Third Reich, “now that our country and our culture is getting polluted …

Ælvespeilet  June 14 + 15



We can not completely rely on our memories, and yet, there is no reality other than that we carry with us in memory. Every moment we live, get their importance thanks to the past. Present and future would lose all meaning if the past was erased from our consciousness. Between …

Friteatret  June 14 + 15


Edouard Louis has taken Europe by storm with the autobiographical debut novel Goodbye to Eddy Bellegueule.  Louis is not writing about a genius that will travel away from everything that is familiar. He tells about a young boy who would destroy himself, his body and his identity, only to …

Friteatret  June 17


We are proud to present Elsa Kvamme’s documentary about Odin Teatret; a road movie with Eugenio Barba, going back to Odin Teatret’s origins and how the group conquered the world. Odin Teatret is today one of the world’s oldest and most famous theatre companies.

Kafé K  June 14  9pm


In January 2017 Kate Pendry and colleague Mads Sjøgård Pettersen went to Washington DC to witness the inauguration of Donald Trump as 45th president of the United States. This is the story of what happened. Kate Pendry is born in London, and has  …

Kafé K  June 15 : 9pm


Synne Sanden and Tord Gustavsen takes us on a musical journey based on material originally written as a commissioned work for the Oslo Jazz Festival in 2014. They explore a musical landscape that combines beauty, catchy melodies, delicate moods and open improvised sections.

Ælvespeilet  June 16 : 9pm


With a wall-to-wall 21st century freshness, light years past any concept of vogue, or any linear genre lines, Norwegian quartet Rohey deliver music that bristles with energy and honesty, that grooves with the best funk, that has deep soul roots while keeping an eye …

Kafé K  June 17 : 10pm


Dance Theatre from actors Stuart Lynch, Astrid Lund and Butoh Dancer ‘Katerega’. Poetic, raw and existential this play explores the sometimes unresolvable conflict between happiness and hate; luck and misfortune; trust & betrayal. Featuring actors Stuart Lynch, Astrid Lund & Butoh dancer …

Theatre in the City Hall  June 16 + 17


Inspired by the distinctive Nordic summer light sixteen Scandinavian writers, in teams of four – one from each country – create a collective performance under a common theme: The world matters by Haldur Breidfjord (isl), IfindU by Anna Panduro (dk), Container by Lars Vik (n) and Long …

Starts at Meieritorget  June 17 : 1pm


The Government has announced that there will be a new White Paper on culture. It is 10 years since the last time it we got a separate performing arts White Paper. The performing arts field is constantly changing. The institutions are changing. The independent performing arts field …

Kafé K  June 16 : 4pm



The Cobblestone Ball is not only the opening of the theater festival, but has also become a cherished tradition, where neighbors, friends and colleagues gather for an enjoyable evening – where we offer entertainment from the top shelf.

Street of Fools is PITs largest stage. And we have again done all we can to create a good program, with some serious treats with foreign and Norwegian artists.


The book about PIT is full of fantastic photos and small stories from PIT written by more than 40 different artists and other PIT visitors.

Buy it at Friteatret or send us a mail if you want us to send you a copy.

We have developed a PIT-APP, which gives you all informations about performances at the festival, possibility to make a list of your choices, a map showing you the different performnce spaces and other practical informations. Download the FREE APP HERE.