What happens in the brain when the heart is broken? Should we rather say: I love you with all my brain? Because this is where the worst nightmare is taking place. HEARTBREAK operates in the intersection between facts, research, art and intimate confidences. Based on brain research, with hard-hitting texts, powerful music, embarrassing experiences, humor and video interviews.


In Grenland Friteater’s new big outdoor performance about the Battle at the Dairy in 1933 we follow striking dairy ladies, local youths, police officers and curious spectators at Meieritorvet when the brutal state police arrive in Porsgrunn, ready to attack people with their truncheons raised.

Ælvespeilet, June 5. – 15.


Interested in people and new experiences?

Enjoying festivals?

Could you like to be part of the team planning and  facilitating the theatre festival and the work our fantastic and indispensable volunteers do every year?

Then you should come to information and talk at :

Friteatret, Huken 3d, Porsgrunn

Tue Sept 19. h.18:00!

PIT has a large number of volunteers, who makes it possible to make the festival. These are people we really appriciate and depend on. In 2017 more or less 120 volunteers where working. People from many countries and in all ages worked together a busy week, douing all kinds of work, from driving artists, rigging, running the volunteers café, etc. There is laughter, sweat, pulse and good vibrations!

Being a volunteer at PIT is great fun and lots of work. You learn new skills and meet new friends. Our volunteers keep comin back, year after year, some even from abroad!


The Cobblestone Ball is not only the opening of the theater festival, but has also become a cherished tradition, where neighbors, friends and colleagues gather for an enjoyable evening – where we offer entertainment from the top shelf.

Street of Fools is PITs largest stage. And we have again done all we can to create a good program, with some serious treats with foreign and Norwegian artists.


The book about PIT is full of fantastic photos and small stories from PIT written by more than 40 different artists and other PIT visitors.

Buy it at Friteatret or send us a mail if you want us to send you a copy.

We have developed a PIT-APP, which gives you all informations about performances at the festival, possibility to make a list of your choices, a map showing you the different performnce spaces and other practical informations. Download the FREE APP HERE.