Mad in Finland is pure joy, madness, laughter and good vibrations. Sauna, skies, world championship in Flying trapez, Finnish Punk – and of course: Tango in the summer night.

Ælvespeilet June 15 – 16 – 17 -18.





Grenland Friteater stage, in their 40th year as theatre, the Norwegian author Bjørg Vik’s play Reisen til Venezia (The journey to Venice).

Reisen til Venezia is a sad comedy, a celebration of fantasy and long lasting love.


Buckle up for a chatotic and hgh energetic journey, where circus artist David eriksson peals off layer after layer of masculinity to find his inner self.


This is the story of the brilliant scientist who made the industrial adventure Norsk Hydro possible, but almost was forgotten after his death.


– An offer you cannot refuse! Join Statsteatret in sin city Chicago and follow a Norwegian emigrant family in a war for lutefisk, Protestantism and Norwegian family values.


Thorbjørn Harr, Lars Saabye Christensen and Aslak Hartberg have teamed up with an all star jazz band for an evening you don’t want to miss!


Both Synne Sanden and Tove Elena Nicolaysen are fascinated by what we don’t talk about, because we should not, dare not or will not.  Sanden and Nicolaysen create a space where they express what lies under the surface through music and dance, sound and movement.


Not just a party nor just a performance. A portable underground club and a close encounter with Burnt Out Punks. Some of their crazy characters play records and perform. The audience will experience the unexpected and bizarre that causes them to be sufficiently off balance to get in the mood. Let’s dance!


Tu Fu lived in the highly turbulent 700-century China. Chinese critics have called him a poet-historian and the wise poet.  While he, for Western readers, have been called a Chinese Vergil or Shakespeare. This is the third production where Geddy Aniksdal uses Georg Johannesen texts.


– A staged reading. In recent years there have appeared several writers in Telemark who writes for the theater. One of the most significant is Fredrik Brattberg (b 1978) from Porsgrunn. PIT proudly presents Brattberg’s newest work The Cat (Katten) in a staged reading.


In/Visible City reflects on the positive aspects of our cultural and national differences, and on the history of the cities created by many nations, that have interwoven into it their culture, customs and achievements. And it’s performed on the local bus!

Bus ticket

Blokes Tøddel and Tilde thrives as itinerant entertainers. When they find an appropriate audience they play their  musical theater show. In their luggage they bring a handful of instruments, crooked dances, contagious joy of playing and an Arab legend about friendship.

The Cobblestone Ball is not only the opening of the theater festival, but has also become a cherished tradition, where neighbors, friends and colleagues gather for an enjoyable evening – where we offer entertainment from the top shelf.

This year wehave a special version of  Scene:Bluss : The LEGACY edition. During two weeks 8 artists will work under the direction of Marie Nikazm Bakken and Fredrik Floen, to make a 24 hour stunt based theater happening! LEGACY is a tribute to Grenland Friteater in connection with their 40th anniversary.


The YOU! Signal is an interactive, science fiction-faction walkabout. In 1977 we received a signal from another star system, known today as The WOW! Signal. In The You! Signal you have the possibility to send your own signal toward the empty space, and who knows – maybe someone out there will pick up your message, and they can say “WOW! We are not alone. ”



Some of the great masterpieces in visual art has not yet found it’s way to the major museums worldwide. Thanks to PIT and initiative from Minni Louvre (art historian almost no one has heard of …) a handful of great masterpieces have come to Porsgrunn.


Street of Fools is PITs largest stage. And we have again done all we can to create a good program, with some serious treats with foreign and Norwegian artists.


Open call

Do you want to create a 24-hour stunt based theatre happening?

Scene:Bluss has existed for 15 years and has always been an experimental platform to show and talk about work. It has been a festival within the festival, focusing on younger art and younger artists. A place to test and share ideas. The two last years we also offered a residency. As organizers we see it as our task to push for the unknown and do something we have not done before. We push for developing the form of what a residency, a venue and a performance can be.

scenebluss-logo1This year we will make a new residency project. It will be under the direction of Marie Nikazm Bakken and Fredrik Floen. The project will end in a 24-hour theatre happening. All forms of artists are welcome to apply. Dancers, actors, costume designers, lighting designers / engineers, sound designers / technicians, set designers, playwrights, cooks, mask makers or carpenters. You name it! Off course you can fill one or more of these roles. There are 8 open residency slots.

NOTE: The role as director and leading costume designer is filled. If you are a director or a costume designer, you can still apply to Scene:Bluss – LEGACY edition if you want to fill one or more positions.

The starting point for the theatre happening is a tribute to Grenland Friteater in connection with their 40th anniversary.

The residency takes place from June 6th to 19th in Porsgrunn, Norway.

The residency includes:

– Travel

– Accommodation

– Free food during daytime from 14th – 18th of June (during the festival days)

– Artist Card, that provides 50% of all performances

Hopefully a fee (if our applications go through)

How to apply:

Send us your CV and a motivational letter/video that explains why you want to participate (

!!     application deadline 20.0416     !!

More info/our motivation:

We want to create a 24h stunt based theatre happening. This happening will be a ceremony as a tribute in connection with Grenland Friteater´s 40th anniversary. In the project we will look at this historically important free theatre groups history, material and philosophy. We are completely free to interpret and use it how we want.

The theatre happening will take place in Grenland Friteater buildings in Porsgrunn, and we have full access to the facilities through out the residency’s two weeks.

We will (as the first we know of) provide a residency project that focuses mainly on performing artists. Instead of making a platform where we offer artists to show their own work, we want to offer them to do their own work (if this is dance, acting, costumes, carpentry, lighting, sound, stage design, text, food or anything else) in a project that already has a theme, frames and leaders. We want to think together by working together and work together by thinking together. We want to create something extraordinary!

Marie Nikazm Bakken and Fredrik Floen:

We met in school in 2004, and since then we’ve been partners in crime. After years of talks about life, theatre and the future, both bitter and utopian, we began to work together on various projects. Summer of 2015, we created our first major epic, Kongsemnerne by Henrik Ibsen. This was a 6 hours long Viking drama at Otta in Gudbrandsdalen, with porridge, cardboard theatre and a cake-party. We explore the term of producing way to much material as a strategy for shaking the theatre out of the product term, bringing it towards something potentially unpredictable, epic, larger than life and mythical. We have chosen a strategy where we try to embrace capitalism in it’s forbidden words; slowness, inefficient, expensive, and with concepts that are particularly untourable, with a kind of root in the traditional outdoor-plays, the site-specific.

This summer we want to continue working with the concept of to much production. We work on the basis of a visual and spatial perspective, and look at how we can make worlds that expand into eternity. To quote Solveig Styve Holte: “Nikazm and Floen takes the theatre into space and down again the Earth’s core or something thereabouts.” This summer we will make a ceremony to celebrate Grenland Friteater 40th anniversary. Come, we promise insanity, ‘’draumkved’’, laughter, tears, blood (maybe fake), costumes, pop and festival. We love theatre and freedom, and here is the opportunity to celebrate both!

If you have questions send them to

With love from ,

Alexandra, Marie, Marie and Fredrik!

The book about PIT is full of fantastic photos and small stories from PIT written by more than 40 different artists and other PIT visitors.

Buy it at Friteatret or send us a mail if you want us to send you a copy.

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