In Grenland Friteater’s new big outdoor performance about the Battle at the Dairy in 1933 we follow striking dairy ladies, local youths, police officers and curious spectators at Meieritorvet when the brutal state police arrive in Porsgrunn, ready to attack people with their truncheons raised.

Ælvespeilet, June 5. – 15.


A darkly comedic puppet musical inspired by true events, Made in China is a fantastical exploration of human rights, consumerism and American-Chinese relations as told through the unlikely love story between an odd middle-aged American woman and her Chinese ex-pat neighbor.

Ælvespeilet, June 12 – 13 – 14


When Renu was 5 years old and Aman was 6, they were taken from their Nepalese villages and sold into circus across the Indian border, where they faced beatings and emotional abuse amid exhausting four-show days.

Ælvespeilet, June 15 – 16


CIA, KGB, Cold War, Communism and Labor party anxiety. Everything served on a bed of advertising for cigarettes, alcohol and the latest in appliances. The time is 1950. Music comes from an apartment. Astrid Høyer sits at the piano. Vacuum cleaner salesman Frank Øye stands outside her door. He rings the doorbell.

Ælvespeilet, June 13 – 14



What happens in the brain when the heart is broken? Should we rather say: I love you with all my brain? Because this is where the worst nightmare is taking place. HEARTBREAK operates in the intersection between facts, research, art and intimate confidences.

Ælvespeilet, June 15 – 16


For a year, actor Coby Omvlee was a long-term patient after accidental events both outside and within the hospital. Thus, she became an involuntary observer of hospital life, good and bad. The experiences affected her deeply and aroused amazement.

Friteatret, June 13 – 14


There is something liberating insane and straight to-the-point with the protagonist in this play. A kind of Bonnie from Bonnie and Clyde or Winnie from Happy Days by Beckett. On stage there is a woman, a chair, a purse. From her purse she pulls out different items, one by one. It is her entire life that is folded out in front of us.

Sorry; cancelled


Hedda Gabler is considered one of Ibsen’s most enigmatic women, and one of the major roles in classical realism. When Juni Dahr takes Hedda out of the theater hall and into the real room, we get what Jon Thorsås in Kulturspeilet calls “the closest we come to a perfect Hedda.”

Admini at Herøya, June 14.-15.-16


Memoria deals with the burden of remembering and the commitment not to forget, with the challenges of returning home after deportation, and with a stranger singing under a tree. The performance is dedicated to the writers Primo Levi and Jean Améry who survived Auschwitz only to commit suicide later.

Eastern Chapel, June 15 and 16



On stage one man intensely occupied with retrieving delicate and beautiful notes out of a grand piano, one by one. Behind him fades the day’s last light over the city by the river – maybe a boat passes by. Bugge Wesseltoft and a grand piano. Everybody loves angels.

Ælvespeilet, June 15


In Sweden Räfven is known as the country’s wildest and maybe best live acts. On stage the eight odd ball gypsy punks turns into one single organism, delivering their frenetic and untamed mix of music that sends people silly.

Kafé K, June 16


142 story tellers. Locals of all ages, new and old Norwegians, with a personal story of an important meeting in their life. They all have an avaliable chair and you will be able to circulate and hear many stories during the hours the story tellers gather around the city. Perhaps you would like to tell a story yourself …

Porsgrunn Center, June 14


A Golden Calf came to preach on the city square, accompanied by his servants devils, to announce the Nine Commandments of Money God. On June 13 : 17.00, you can meet the artists and learn about their work with street theatre as a tool for integration.

City Square, June 14




Scene: Bluss is an experimental platform to show and talk about work. It is a festival in the festival, with young art and artists. A place to test and share ideas both for performers and audiences. The Hellmouth Edition is a project based on the epic cult TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Kunsthall Grenland, June 16


Fools, jugglers, clowns and other madmen and -women take control over the streets of Porsgrunn. They all have one thing in common: The Street is their Stage.

City Center, June 13 – 16


The Cobblestone Ball not only marks the opening of the Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival and the most beautiful week of the year. The Cobblestone Ball  has also become a cherished tradition with entertainment of the very highest quality!

City Square, June 12 from 6 pm


Interested in people and new experiences?

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PIT has a large number of volunteers, who makes it possible to make the festival. These are people we really appriciate and depend on. In 2017 more or less 120 volunteers where working. People from many countries and in all ages worked together a busy week, douing all kinds of work, from driving artists, rigging, running the volunteers café, etc. There is laughter, sweat, pulse and good vibrations!

Being a volunteer at PIT is great fun and lots of work. You learn new skills and meet new friends. Our volunteers keep comin back, year after year, some even from abroad!

The book about PIT is full of fantastic photos and small stories from PIT written by more than 40 different artists and other PIT visitors.

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