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Thank you!

PIT 2019 is over! Artists from 11 countries have performed at the festival. With happy people in the Festival Street and an almost sold out main program, PIT 2019 became what we were hoping for. We would like to extend a HUGE THANKS to our indispensable volunteers, artists from home and abroad, our hard-working technicians, […]


Plexus Polaire (f) : Chambre Noire

CHAMBRE NOIREis a wild hallucination around the death-bed of Valerie Jean Solanas (1936-1988): the most beautiful girl in America, the talented psychology student who spent her life going in and out of mental institutions, the first intellectual whore, writer, radical feminist, creator of the SCUM Manifesto, the woman who shot Andy Warhol… Ælvespeilet, June 14 […]


One Trick Pony : View

A newlywed couple stands outside their first common residence. They hesitate to enter. How will they fit the concrete table? Where’s the roof, and who has the key? Gyrid Axe Øvsteng’s texts have many rooms; room for laughter, for wonder, for reflection and for meeting ourselves in the door. Gjennomsikten at Lahelle, June 15


Street of Fools

STREET OF FOOLS is the festival’s cornucopia. This is where everything can happen! Clowns, acrobats, puppet shows, street performers, comic “opera”, slapstick, musicians and hip-hop. You will also find various food stalls that save you from making food these days. Every day during the festival


Join the team!

Interested in people and new experiences? Enjoying festivals? Could you like to be part of the team planning and  facilitating the theatre festival and the work our fantastic and indispensable volunteers do every year? Then you should come to information and talk at : Friteatret, Huken 3d, Porsgrunn Tue Sept 19. h.18:00! PIT has a large […]