Forestillinger | Amer Hlehel (pal) : Taha

“With this small pencil

I will draw the word

I will write the world.” 

We are proud to welcome the internationally acclaimed Taha performance about the Palestinian poet Taha Muhammed Ali to PIT!

Amer Hlehel is the author and performer of the play Taha, which tells the story of the celebrated Palestinian poet Taha Muhammad Ali. Adapted from Adina Hoffman’s biography My Happiness Bears No Relation to Happiness.

Based on Taha’s own poetry, dramatist and actor Amer Hlehel has created a tour de force of a performance in which Taha’s poetry and life are woven with the history of the Palestinian people.

“Rich, vivid … acutely moving. Simply beautiful.”  – The Times

“Pure poetry blossoms in deceptively simple show.”  – The Evening Standard

“An inspiring piece, delicate, deeply affecting. Warmly recommended.”  – The Independent

Performed in English.

By and with: Amer Hlehel

Director: Amir Nizar Zuabi

Design: Ashraf Hanna

Lightning: Muaz Jubeh

Amer Hlehel (pal) : Taha

June 12 at 7.30pm
June 13 at 7.30pm




1h 10m


290 kr
U25: 218


Amer Hlehel


Amir Nizar Zuabi


Muaz Jubeh


Ashraf Hanna


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