Forestillinger | Bugge Wesseltoft : Everybody loves angels

On stage one man intensely occupied with retrieving delicate and beautiful notes out of a grand piano, one by one. Behind him fades the day’s last light over the city by the river – and maybe a boat passes by.

Friday June 15th, you can experience the eminent pianist Bugge Wesseltoft performing the most beautiful melodies from the exquisite album Everybody Loves Angels. We hear Wesseltoft’s very distinctive versions of famous melodies, such as Bridge over troubled water, Alltid freidig når du går, Morning Has Broken and Let It Be.

Bugge Wesseltoft’s record Snowing On My Piano has been sold in 125,000 copies. The sequel with sacred and secular music from the angels should be able to reach the same sales numbers. But, of course, the best is to have Bugge Wesseltoft in the same room, and let him play the notes, one by one, just for you …

“The inner and outer noise of our logged-on life and the real anxiety for the future makes us seek silence and sleep as it was the ultimate luxury on earth …. a record where he and the grand piano almost touch the silence between the notes. Certain doctors would like to write it on prescriptions.”   – Audun Vinger, Dagens Næringsliv

Bugge Wesseltoft : Everybody loves angels

June 15 : 9pm


Ælvespeilets foajé


Ord: 290
U25: 218


Bugge Wesseltoft