Forestillinger | Cirka Teater : Garage

Machines, mechanics, two men and one hen. 

Garage is a humorous and noisy theater performance that smells of oil and gasoline. The play takes place in a mechanical workshop environment where we meet two men in filthy overalls. They are passionate and curious, with a strong fascination for how everything around them works. They have machines and engines that can solve the challenges they encounter during the day.

A hen also lives in the workshop. The hen is laying a new egg every day and is the only food source for the mechanics. What happens if the hen one day lays more eggs? And what if the source of food one day disappears?

Garage wants to give the audience a different theater aesthetics than what is often associated with theater for children. Through humor and fascination, curiosity is created for mechanics and creativity, where poetry lies in the ugly and rough, not in the aesthetically beautiful and pure. The performance has no dialogue, but a lot of mechanics. Small tasks are solved with large processes.

Garage was developed by Cirka Teater and Turnéteatret in Trøndelag, and produced with support from the Norwegian Cultural Fund, Trondheim municipality and Spenn.

“Towards the end of the wonderful hour in company with Berger’s amazing machines, you will just be sitting with your mouth open. (…) Two eyes are nearly enough when you try to catch up with everything happening at the end when the machines interact at epic level. “ – Ole Jacob Hoel, Adresseavisen

Idea and concept: Cirka Teater

Director: Espen Dekko

Set design: Gilles Berger

Costumes: Jenny Hilmo Teig

Music: Martin Smidt

With: Paal Viken Bakke, Gilles Berger

Cirka Teater : Garage

June 12 at 6pm
June 13 at 6pm






U25: 180


Espen Dekko


Gilles Berger
Paal Vike Bakke


Martin Smidt


Gilles berger


Jenny Hilmo Teig