Forestillinger | Cirkus Xanti / Ali Williams (w) : As a tiger in the jungle

As a Tiger in the Jungle is produced by an international partnership between Ali Williams, ex-Artistic Director of the pioneering Welsh circus company NoFit State, and Norwegian company Circus Xanti.

When Renu was 5 years old and Aman was 6, they were taken from their Nepalese villages and sold into circus across the Indian border, where they faced beatings and emotional abuse amid exhausting four-show days.

They were eventually rescued – Aman at the age of 9 and Renu when she was 14 – by members of ChoraChori Nepal, a charity set up to secure the freedom of Nepalese child slaves.

Renu and Aman joined a group of ex-circus slaves who decided to make positive use of the skills once forced upon them to form Circus Kathmandu, dedicated to making socially conscious, contemporary circus – as opposed to that of the traditional Indian circuses from which they had been freed.

The 13-person Circus Kathmandu developed their intense circus training into artistic expertise with help from international volunteers, including Ali Williams, who joined the company in 2013 for a year-long sabbatical. She worked with Sverre Waage from Circus Xanti to arrange an international tour for Circus Kathmandu’s first full-length show, Swagatam (‘Welcome’), which included stops at the Circus Village Festival, the Circus Big Top at Glastonbury Festival and PIT.

Skilled and darkly shining fantasy of recovery, reclamation and stolen childhoods. Grittily beautiful, sad and brave. As a Tiger in The Jungle is a production that shines with an inner fire. – Katharine Kavanagh, The Circus Diaries, UK

As a Tiger in The Jungle is likely to have an unforgettable life-long profound effect on you. – Tom Caldino, Theatre Reviews, UK

Performed in English

Text and dir: Sverre Waage

On stage: Renu Ghalan Tamang, Aman Tamang, Loan TP Hoang

Composer: Per Zanussi

Scenography and costumes: Rhi Matthews

Cirkcusrig design: Tarn Aitken

Light design: Leif LePage

Choreographic consultant: Hanna Filomen Mjåvatn

Creative producer: Ali Williams

A Cirkus Xanti production in cooperation Ali Williams Production (Wales).

Co-producers: Bærum Kulturhus (Norway), NoFit State Circus (Wales), PIT (Norway) og Chora Chori (Nepal/England).

Cirkus Xanti / Ali Williams (w) : As a tiger in the jungle

June 15 : 7.30pm
June 16 : 6pm






290 kr
U25: 218


Sverre Waage


Aman Tamang
Loan TP Hoang
Renu Ghalan Tamang


Per Zanussi


Leif LePage


Rhi Mathews


Rhi Matthews