Forestillinger | Dramafronten (dk) & Grenland Friteater : Midsummer Stories

Finding inspiration in the Nordic midsummer when the sun is sharp and the shadows are long, 16 playwrights have written a variety of tales that reveal where we find ourselves today in our part of the northern hemisphere.

“To see”, is the common theme that runs through all 16 short plays and with each interpretation of those two words, we get a multifaceted glimpse of our individual and mutual fears and hopes that face us daily.

Midsummer Stories have been written by playwrights from; Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark where they have worked in multinational teams creating together the story basis of all 4 evenings of performances. Sharing with each other has been a large part of the process and now we are ready to share the outcome with our audiences.

Midsummer Stories was initiated by the Danish playwright’s developing organization, DRAMAFRONTEN.
The plays are being presented in Reykajvik (ICELAND), Porsgrunn (NORWAY), Malmö (SWEDEN) and Copenhagen (DENMARK) May-June 2017 in cooperation with Tjarnabio, Grenland Friteater, InSite Teater and The Royal Danish Theater.

Midsummer Stories is produced with generous funding from Nordic Culture Fund, Nordic Culture Point, and The Danish Committee for The Performing Arts.

Thank you to: The Dramatist’s House Oslo, Center for Playwriting Sweden, Icelandic Playwright’s Guild.

The world matters by Huldar Breidfjord (isl)

IfindU by Anna Panduro (dk)

Long distance surveillance by Gjertrud Larsson (s)

Container by Lars Vik (n)

Next year all sixteen one-act plays will be performed in Copenhagen. Other participating Norwegian playwrights are Gyrid Ax Øvsteng, Malmfrid Hallum and Fredrik Brattberg.

Four one act plays, under the heading Midsummer Stories, about what we are concerned with right now in our part of the world.  The theme is interpreted different in all one-act plays. All with seriousness and humour. In June all 16 acts will be performed in the four Nordic countries. Grenland Friteater / PIT has been fortunate to host and produce the Norwegian part; these four brand new one-act plays will be preformed on specially selected places in the city.

Performed in Norwegian

The performance starts at Meieritorget


Dir: Anne-Sophie Erichsen

Actors: Ingvild Hogstad, Joakin Dan Jørgensen, Natalie R Bjerke, Oliver August Rismyhr Spakmo


Dir: Tor Arne Ursin

Actors: Leif Arild Sanden, Silje Elde, Bhkie Male

The world matters

Dir: Lars Vik

Actors: Lars Sørbø, Henning Farner, Stian Sandersen, Jun Bae


Dir: Geddy Aniksdal

Actors: Kjersti Posti Høgli, Hæge Mannheim, Cecilie Graasvold

Dramafronten (dk) & Grenland Friteater : Midsummer Stories

June 17 : 1pm


Starts at Meieritorget




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Anne-Sophie Erichsen
Geddy Aniksdal
Lars Vik
Tor Arne Ursin


Anna Panduro (dk)
Gjertrud Larsson (s)
Huldar Breidfjord (isl)
Lars Vik (n)


Bhkie Male
Cecilia Graasvold
Hæge Manheim
Henning Farner
Ingvild Hogstad
Joakim Dan Jørgensen
Jun Bae
Kjersti Posti Høgli
Lars Sørbø
Leif Arild Sanden
Natalie r Bjerke
Oliver A R Spakmo
Silje Elde
Stian Sandersen


Jens Svane Boutrup


Rhea Leman