Forestillinger | Festival Opening and Cobblestone Ball 2018

PIT markes the arrival of the summer. When the summer arrives so does PIT. And with PIT, the carnival takes place in the city by the river. Crazy things will be normal, the clown will be King and the jester will be Emperor: – The festival is underway!

The Cobblestone Ball not only marks the opening of the Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival and the most beautiful week of the year. The Cobblestone Ball  has also become a cherished tradition with entertainment of the very highest quality!

We start serving at the square at 6 pm. Food stalls with different cusines will be in place, and it is possible to get refreshments in a dedicated bar zone.

PIT is not PIT, and The Cobblestone Ball is not The Cobblestone Ball, without clowns and acrobats and artists of from far and near. This year we have allied ourselves with Lars Vik, who will guide us through the evening. We start with Hagbart Frisk, who entertains the youngest, and eventually The Greenman appears – Spanish absolute madness, and Bboy Illwill – Hip-Hop directly from the Bronx, Emiliano – Italian and a reason to dance: Norwegian-Colombian SMR play rhythm dance music from Norway and South America. Put on your dancing shoes! The Cobblestone ball will have more surprises. Maybe even Fomlesen will come?

When French Transe Express occupies the square, and eventually the airspace, with the show Mobile Homme, the whole place will stire with energy. Transe Express has visited many parts of the world with Mobile Homme: With drumming tambours and high-flying acrobats, the childhood magic playful world becomes reality in the summer night.

Of course, the evening ends with a big firework. This year’s PIT fireworks is specially designed for the theatre festival by Olav Hanto.



Town Square
6 pm Food stalls open
7 pm Artists and entertainment
9.45 pm Festival Opening
10.15 pm Transe Express (f) : Mobile Homme
11 pm HTP : PIT Fireworks



Adrian Schvarzstein (es)
Bboy Illwill (us)
Cie Transe Express (f)
Emiliano (it)
Hagbart Frisk
Jūrate Širvyte-Rukštelė (li)
Lars Vik
Lena Barth Aarstad
Rønningen Kindergarten
Zwai Mbula band