Forestillinger | Goodbye to Eddy Bellegueule – by Edouard Louis

“I have no happy memories of childhood.”

This is how the story begins, based on the author’s own life.

Edouard Louis has taken Europe by storm with the autobiographical debut novel Goodbye to Eddy Bellegueule.  Louis is not writing about a genius that will travel away from everything that is familiar. He tells about a young boy who would destroy himself, his body and his identity, only to be allowed to play football with the other guys. So he would not be different. So his father would not look at him with hatred and contempt in his eyes. So his own mother should not to be ashamed of her “girl-boy”.

In the show Emil Johnsen is alone on stage and tells the story of Eddy, who is trying to fit into a hard-core environment in a small French town. He rebels against his parents and a society that is steeped in violence, racism and poverty. It is the story of a class trip, where sexuality, racism, poverty and exclusion are central.

Performed in Norwegian

Goodbye to Eddy Bellegueule – by Edouard Louis

June 17 : 6pm




1h 30m


290 kr


Kjersti Horn


Emil Johnsen
Kjersti Horn


Emil Johnsen


Erik Hedin


Tobias Leira


Emnet Kebreab