Forestillinger | LecheBurre : Live at Kafé K

DONKY-MILK TO THE PEOPLE! is the slogan when LecheBurre takes the stage. A energy force and a call to the world to be united through the music.

LecheBurre began as a workshop for musical gathering and experimentation. Now their Latinflow is a living example of new culture from Gothenburg, where different music styles, mainly from Latin America, are used as a starting point: reggae, cumbia, rageton and much more is poured out of a musical diversity and invites to dance!

LecheBurre‘s music is captivating, ritualistic and poetic; a musical energy kick. So, for those of you who want the air to taste of chili, Kafé K is the place this evening! Bring your dancing shoes and feel the rhythm!

Luchano Muñoz – Charango, Saxophone, Flutes and Percussion
Nadja Itäsaari – Vocal
Patho Galvez – Vocal and Bass
Michael Andersson – Percussion
Josue Trelles – Flutes
Jorge Alcaide – vocal, Cuatro and guitar

Kafé K

June 15, 21.30

LecheBurre : Live at Kafé K

June 15 at 9.30pm


Kafé K


Ord: 290
U25: 218


Jorge Alcaide
Josue Trelles
Luchano Muñoz
Michael Andersson
Nadja Itäsaari
Patho Galvez