Forestillinger | NIE : Museum of Memories

We can not completely rely on our memories, and yet, there is no reality other than that we carry with us in memory. Every moment we live, get their importance thanks to the past. Present and future would lose all meaning if the past was erased from our consciousness. Between ourselves, and nothing, is our ability to remember.

NIE have made our own movable museum building. Made up out of 70 m2 of rusty drawers. Inside this room five people reconstructs a life that has ended. Two brothers, a neighbour, a teacher and a lover. With warmth, humour and music, they tell stories about the one they have lost. A brother, a student, a neighbour boy, the first love.

Minutes, maybe hours of your own existence

that you have forgotten, but I remember.

You live a secret life in another person’s memory.

– Tor Ulven

The audience are sitting close together inside the intimate venue, that resembles an archive, and experiencing the actors and stories closely. After the show opens drawers in the archive, and turns into a small museum, a room for reflection with different sensory experiences that can awaken associations for our own lives and own memories.

This project is exploring true stories and accounts from people that have experienced suicide in their family. The project is a movable installation that is both an exhibition space and a space for the performance. The show opened on the 27th April 2012 on Tulinløkka, between The National Museum and The National Gallery in the heart of Oslo. The show is now touring both in Norway and internationally.

«This is more than a piece of theater; it is a consciousness shifter».

– New York Theatre Guide


Director: Kjell Moberg 

Co-director: Alex Byrne 

Set Design: Katja Ebbel Frederiksen

Musical Director: Helder Deploige 

Cast: Guri Glans, Iva Moberg, Kieran Edwards, Dagfinn Tutturen, Helder Deploige

Set design production: Radomír Vosecký, Katja Ebbel Frederiksen

Tech. crew: Jan Sháněl, Vojtěch Švejkar



June 14 : 7pm

June 15 : 6pm



Performed in Norwegian

NIE : Museum of Memories

June 14 : 7pm
June 15 : 6pm




1h 15m


290 kr


Kjell Moberg


Dagfinn Tutturen
Guri Glans
Helder Deploige
Iva Moberg
Kieran Edwards


Helder Deploige


Katja Ebbel Frederiksen


Jan Sháněl
Vojtěch Švejkar