Forestillinger | Räfven (s) : Live at Kafé K!

In Sweden Räfven is known as the country’s wildest and maybe best live acts. On stage the eight odd ball gypsy punks turns into one single organism, delivering their frenetic and untamed mix of music that sends people silly.

Raised in the streets as a busking band, no stage is too small or too big for Räfven. They never lose contact with the crowd, sending out such joy that no one stays unaffected. The party is overwhelming.

During the last years they have gained crowds from overseas and made great success at the Glastonbury Festival and were voted as ”best act” at Fuji Rock by Tower Records, the biggest record store in Japan.

…the crowd is unreservedly in love and follows every lead from the band. They boil, bubble and pour of sweat. They jump, shout and dance. And honestly, the person who can resist eight half naked jumping jacks spreading this much energy, joy and love – that person is dead inside.  – Göteborgs-Posten

…Räfven are the masters of variation. It is unpredictable and untamed, high and low is stretched between the musicians and it feels spontaneous and very alive. You can tell that they play because it makes them happy, and that very love touches the crowd and fills the whole room with vibration.  – Rockfoto

Jonas Lundberg – Guitar,

Loke Nyberg – Violin,

Martin Nurmi – Saxophone,

Daniel Wejdin – Tambura,

Johan Wejstål – Accordion,

David Fraenckel – Trombone,

Rasmus Blanck – Double bass,

Per Svenner – Percussion

Kafé K

Sat June 16 10pm

290,-    U25: 218,-

Räfven (s) : Live at Kafé K!

June 16 : 10pm


Kafé K


Ord: 290
U25: 218


Daniel Wejdin – Tambura
David Fraenckel – Trombone
Johan Wejstål – Accordion
Jonas Lundberg – Guitar
Loke Nyberg – Violin
Martin Nurmi – Saxophone
Per Svenner – Percussion
Rasmus Blanck – Double bass