Forestillinger | Sagliocco Ensemble : To ord

There is something liberating insane and straight to-the-point with the protagonist in this play. A kind of Bonnie from Bonnie and Clyde or Winnie from Happy Days by Beckett.

On stage there is a woman, a chair, a purse. From her purse she pulls out different items, one by one. A kind of stock taking à la Prévert (French poet), who always starts with “I like …”. It is her entire life that is folded out in front of us.

It contains not much, and what is found is not good looking. Little by little the purse is emptied, the audience is witness – or accomplice to – an absurd story that does not necessarily end well.

Sagliocco Ensemble presents their new project: Phillipe Dorins play Deux mots! (Two words!), translated to Norwegian by Christine Amadou. French Phileippe Dorin is an award-winning and distinctive French contemporary dramatist.

This solo performance is aimed at young people and adults and is premiered on June 15th, 2018, during the Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival. The performance is produced, with support from Spenn, The Audio and Visual Fund, The Fund for Performing Artists and Porsgrunn Municipality.

Sorry, but the performances are cancelled.

To Ord will, in stead, have the first night at Show Box festival in Oslo in December


Text: Philippe Dorin

The text is translated from French to Norwegian by Christine Amadou

Actor: Guandaline Sagliocco

Director: Anne-Mali Sæther

Sound design: Magnus Børmark

Lighting Design / Technical solutions: Jean-Vincent Kerebel

Props: Maria Løkken

Sagliocco Ensemble : To ord


Anne-Mali Sæther


Philippe Dorin
translated by Christine Amadou


Guandaline Sagliocco


Magnus Børmark


Maria Løkken