Forestillinger | Statsteatret : 1930 – The Dictator

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The year is 1938. The mighty theater director Sven Elvedal is bankrupt. The theater will be closed; friends and colleagues will be thrown into despairing unemployment.  But, wait! In from the left comes the busty Hilda Hendriksen. She can generate money, but it will be some restrictions. She has written a tribute to the new political star, a man named Quisling. – Could the theater be interested to perform this tribute?

After much ado they say yes. And from that day on all hell is loose. Neither life nor the theater is ever the same again. The road towards the premiere will be a journey of fear, prejudice, intrigue and brutal power struggle.

The show premiered in 2016, and in 2017 it was nominated for the prestigious Ibsen Award, for their “humorous dive in Norwegian interwar history, which draws on tendencies in our own time.”

Performed in Norwegian

Statsteatret : 1930 – The Dictator

16.juni kl 19:00
17.juni kl 20:00






290 kr


Yngve Sundvor


Yngve Sundvor and Statsteatret


Cato Skimten Storengen
Kim Sørensen
Linda Mathiesen
Per Kjerstad