Forestillinger | Statsteatret . 1950 – The Spy

CIA, KGB, Cold War, Communism and Labor party anxiety. Everything served on a bed of advertising for cigarettes, alcohol and the latest in appliances.

The time is 1950. Music comes from an apartment. Astrid Høyer sits at the piano. Vacuum cleaner salesman Frank Øye stands outside her door. He rings the doorbell.

She stops playing, goes to the door. Should she open? She cannot know what dreadful consequences it will have if she does. Only a perverted mind, paranoid on the verge of madness, can sense the consequences.

Even her physician, Carl Jakobsen, a specialist in the human mind, and an avid advocate for hallucinous drugs and lobotomy, can not imagine what dark rooms will appear if the door opens.

On the other side of the city sits Ronald Olsen. He is in the police security service. He listens and takes notes, takes notes and listen. He stops for a moment, as if he realizes something absolute and important is going to happen, something irrevocable.

And remember: just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not watching you

A comic spy thriller. […] Sundvor has carved out a story that is brought to life by four actors, including a very successful contribution from the artist Karoline Krüger.  – Stavanger Aftenblad (5 on the dice)

Performed in Norwegian

By: Yngve Sundvor and Statsteatret

Director: Yngve Sundvor

Actors: Kim Sørensen, Per Kjerstad, Gard Bjørnstjerne Eidsvold, Karoline Krüger

Dramaturg: Morten Kjerstad


June 13 at 20.00

June 14 at 18.30

1h 20m

ord: 290   U25: 218

Statsteatret . 1950 – The Spy

June 13 : 8pm
June 14 : 6.30pm




1h 20m


Ord: 290
U25: 218


Yngve Sundvor


Yngve Sundvor and Statsteatret


Gard Bjørnstjerne Eidsvold
Karoline Krüger
Kim Sørensen
Per Kjerstad


Morten Kjerstad