Forestillinger | Street of Fools

STREET OF FOOLS is the festival’s cornucopia. This is where everything can happen!

Clowns, acrobats, puppet shows, street performers, comic “opera”, slapstick, musicians and hip-hop. You will also find various food stalls that save you from making food these days. 

Program June 12th Program June 13th Program June 14th Program June 15th

Summer Garden at Keims Gård in Tordenskiolsdgt.6 welcomes you to sit down in green surroundings and enjoy fresh pastries and freshly ground coffee from Ikke bare Brød. Under the large trees, Guro Dale sells treasures from her second-hand inventory and Henrik Rasmussen‘s beautiful ceramics. The bakery and coffee roastery are open, and Spiller ingen kasserolle serves goodies from the grill on Wednesday and Thursday. Saturday will be the Plant Exchange Day organized by Porsgrunn Andelsgård. All in the safe hands of Ikke bare brød, Ild og Bønner, Guro Dale, Henrik Rasmussen, Feste Landskap/Arkitektur, Spiller ingen kasserolle and Porsgrunn Andelsgård.

In other words, there is no reason to stay home during PIT. And in no way do you need to travel abroad for good experiences the week PIT turns the city on its head. Save your travel money, use the city, enjoy the artists, have both lunch and dinner in the Street of Fools or one of the restaurants in our Restaurant Guild – and enjoy a city full of life and summer! 

Hesteskoen Teater og Musikk : Hagbart and Kokos. The magician clown Hagbart Frisk will teach the rather young clown Kokos. Hagbart believes that children are small and stupid, and very easy to fool….

Kristin Friis from AHA-teateret comes to the Street of Fools with lots of puppets. You get to see, ask and try!

Emiliano Alessi (es) : Tei Tei With playfulness, poetry and humor, Emiliano mixes dance, slapstick and acrobatics. He literally weaves the audience into their stories – …! 

Margo Gram (f) : Cyclose  Poetic puppet theater for the little ones. Margo himself creates his puppets, to great joy of children of all ages. 

Claudio Mutazzi (it) : Street coffee  An improvisation master! Based on the body language, gestures and movements of random passers-by, he gives life to stories that might have happened …

Teater Avvik : The best friends start their own show. In the luggage they have instruments, strange dances, infectious pleasure and an Arab urban legend about friendship. What is truly a real friend?

Klovnen Koko is back with a silent movie clown show in high and low tempo. 

Fjørtoft Kulturproduksjoner : Frog Bubbles The audience is taken on a journey beneath the surface to worlds we do not see, hear or usually experience! A playful, pondering and interactive happening for everyone from 4 years. 

Fabiola Branca (it) : Drawing on floor Fabiola draws on everything that comes in her way … 

Umami Dance Theatre/The Mainstream (es, s, ch) This quartet makes a wild version of Bizet’s Carmen; In a surreal, humorous and crazy mix of rap / break / pantomime / theater and slap-stick, they also involve the audience as part of the story.

Mine Nilay og Gjengen : Asphalt pulse – paranoia as hell in sunset A street-art show about disconnection. We meet characters who, in their own way, experience exclusion and loneliness. Themes such as love, violence, anxiety and beauty tyranny. Text: M.H.Hallum Director: Mine Nilay Yalcin With: Junaid Khan, Hina Zaidi, Guillermo John Magno, Taro Vestøl Cooper, Jahanger Ali

Sergi Estebanell (es) : Wandering orquestra A rather unusual orchestra will hold a concert. The problem is they don’t know where, when – or what to play …

Street of Fools:

June 12: 10 – 16

June 13: 10 – 16

June 14: 10 – 18

June 15: 12 – 16

Summer Garden at Keims’:

June 12: 09 – 16.30

June 13: 09 – 16.30

June 14: 09 – 16.30

June 15: 11 – 14.00

Claudio Mutazzi (it)
Emiliano Alessi (es)
Fabiola Branca (it)
Fjørtoft Kulturprod
Hagbart & Kokos
Klovnen Koko
Kristin Friis
Margo Gram (f)
Mine Nilay & Gjengen
Porsgrunn Janitsjar
Porsgrunn Kulturskole
Sergi estebanell (es)
Skien Thaiforening
Teater Avvik
Umami & Mainstream (es-s-ch)