Forestillinger | Street of Fools 2018

Fools, jugglers, clowns and other madmen and -women take control over the streets of Porsgrunn. They all have one thing in common: The Street is their Stage.

Hence the festival’s motto: One city, one stage!

It is never boring in Porsgrunn during PIT. We promise entertainment both for adults and children. But watch out! You never know what may happen in the Street of Fools

We cooperate with Porsgrunn Min By to host a European Food Market and have also invited a number of different vendors to create good food and atmosphere. The city’s restaurants are also ready with their various menus.

Green Oasis is a project aimed at making the local environment greener through an annual transformation of areas into green oases. This year there will be Green Oasis on Keims Gård

Under the big trees, Guro Dale sells treasures from her reuse storage and Henrik Rasmussen’s beautiful pottery will be there. The bakery and coffee shop is open Wed – Fri 9 am – 4.30 pm and Sat. 11 am-2 pm. Saturday there will be “Plant-exchange-day” organized by Porsgrunn Andelsgård from 11 am-2 pm and «Spiller ingen kasserolle»  will serve goodies from the grill. Organized by Ikke bare brød, Ild og bønner, Guro Dale, Henrik Rasmussen, Feste Landskap/Arkitektur, Spiller ingen kasserolle and Porsgrunn Andelsgård

In other words, there is no reason to sit at home during PIT. And in no way do you need to travel abroad for good experiences the week PIT turns the city upside down. Save the travel money, use the city, enjoy great artists, go for lunch and dinner in the Street of Fools or one of the restaurants that sponsors PIT – and enjoy a buzzing city and summer!

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Adrian Schvarzstein (es): Greenman What happens when a green man, packed with green accessories and a green scooter lands in our streets?

Adrian Schvarzstein og Jūrate Širvyte-Rukštelė (li): Arrived. A couple who come from another time and look at the world in a completely different way and will help everybody … It’s the recipe for chaos!

Cathrine Hovland: The Spice Witch sees everything in her magic glass bowl. With herbs and spices she makes magic. And maybe she sings a song?

Cronopia (arg): Maromas. Impossible! Or not….? With neckbreaking tricks and warm charm, Cronopia is a real audience pleaser.

Teatret Ditt: Klem and Knuff Pirates are rough and tough, and beat you yellow and blue! At least, it is what the gunman Knuff thinks. Captain Klem does not agree. He believes it’s more important to sing, dance and train new local minipirates. Come and see – if you dare … For children from 4 years old.

Teater Avvik: When Koko Koko the clown is on the loose, nobody can feel safe! The show varies between classical and not so classical clowning. For children from 3 years old.

Will Sanchez aka BBoy illwill (usa)  Will has been raised in the Bronx – the Hip Hop centre of the world and has danced breakdance in New York Streets since he was 12. He enriches the festival street with groove, moves, acrobatics and, not least, humor.

Emiliano Alessi – Cia ES (es):  In. A fairytail without words, with dance, acrobatics, poetry and humor. About being inside. Or outside. Fun for both adults and children!

Cirkus Sibylla Vandringsliv. Two hobos and a cart with fire, smoke and a street organ walks thorught the city.

Tindir Sibilona is a belly dancing marionette who lives in a suitcase. She suddenly turns up and swings her vibrating hips to lush rhythms

Hesteskoen Teater og Musikk:  Hagbart Frisk rides again. Hagbart is the clown who has learned magic from his mother. Now he is back with a sack full of fun.

Hagbart Frisk’s remarkable rock’n’roll show (and the scouts from Mars)! FINALLY! Hagbart lives out the dream of being a rock star. Join the party!

Street of Fools 2018
Adrian Schvarzstein (es)
Bboy Illwill (us)
Cathrine Hovland
Cirkus Sibylla
Cronopia (arg)
Emiliano Alessi (it)
Hagbart Frisk
Hesteskoen Teater og Musikk
Jūrate Širvyte-Rukštelė (li)
Teater Avvik
Teatret Ditt