Forestillinger | Sven Henriksen : Men hold kjeft da, Henriksen

In May 2018 came the book Men hold kjeft da, Henriksen (Just shut up, Henriksen). A month later, the performance with the same title premiered at Nordland Theater, a premiere that got the critics to dig up the big superlatives.

Sven Henriksen is an actor, singer, playwright and social a voice in the social debate. He has translated and recorded songs by Tom Waits, and Leonard Cohen. In this performance we meet the vulnerable and open Henriksen who takes us through a bad childhood, his journey into Norwegian theater, intoxication and adulthood; but also, the sharp voice he has marked himself as in the public conversation.

Performed in Norwegian

Written and performed by Sven Henriksen

Piano and sound design Sissel Brean

“This is a brave, stripped-down and deeply-touching version of Sven Henriksen. Bottomless honest, and completely without jokes and embellishment. “ –

Sven Henriksen : Men hold kjeft da, Henriksen

June 13 at 8pm


Kafé K


1h 20m


ord: 240
U25: 180


Sven Henriksen


Sissel Brean