Forestillinger | Teater Albatross (s) : 1917 – När klockorna stannade



1917 – When the bells stopped

The years around the Russian Revolution in 1917 may represent the greatest dream humanity has ever had. A just world was around the corner, man was going from necessity to freedom.

Barriers burst in all areas. The workers were to take over and control the factories, the farmers were to take over the land, the women were to be free, even sexuality should be free! The art was to be revolutionized, and the Russian artists came to influence art in the rest of the world. Mayakovsky, Chagall and other artists stood in the center of it. It was revolution. It was war. It boiled over everywhere, and the truth changed all the time.

In Russia, the revolution died. And turned into … dictatorship. And just as much as the revolutionary period was overwhelming and overpowering with its great dreams and liberation projects, the reaction – the Stalin Age – was a nightmare the world had never seen before.

An incredible story, which also affected millions of people outside the Soviet in the following decades. Not least Teater Albatross’ Robert Jakobsson, who had his youth in Gothenburg in the 60s and 70s.

“An artwork disguised as a theater performance.”Jan P Bordahl 

“… how the art during the Russian Revolution goes from avant-garde opportunity to mechanism to oppress the people. It is a bold but also brutally summarized staging. (…) A very personal, almost shamanic rite in which a man wrestles with a grand utopian experiment. ” –  Svenska Dagbladet

Written and Performed by Robert Jakobsson

Director: Peter Jägbring and Robert Jakobsson

Set Design: Åsa Lieberath

Composer: Peter Jägbring (m.fl)

Teater Albatross (s) : 1917 – När klockorna stannade

June 12 at 6pm
June 13 at 6pm




1h 10m


U25: 180


Peter Jägbring and Robert Jakobsson


Robert Jakobsson


Robert Jakobsson


Peter Jägbring


Åsa Lieberath


Teater Albatross