Forestillinger | The impossible art

We are proud to present Elsa Kvamme’s documentary about Odin Teatret; a road movie with Eugenio Barba, going back to Odin Teatret’s origins and how the group conquered the world. Odin Teatret is today one of the world’s oldest and most famous theatre companies.

But what drives Eugenio Barba, and how has he managed to keep a small theatre group alive for over 50 years? In this film we follow him back to Oslo, where he started Odin Teatret from nothing. Further on to Opole, where Grotowskis “poor theatre” developed a new, physical style of performance, in order to avoid the communism censorship. And Holstebro, where Odin Teatret’s presence has influenced the city’s development. What opportunities does the theatre have to survive in a commercialism time?

The film music is composed by Henning Sommerro. With a handful of musicians he, and a few musicians, gives us a little concert, based on the soundtrack, before the film.

Elsa Kvamme will introduce the movie, and it will be opportunity for questions and discussion after the screening.

Language: Norwegian, with english subtexts

Concept and direction: Elsa Kvamme

Photo: Nils Petter Lotherington; Tore Vollan; Claire Coriat

Clip: Claire Coriat; Erik Aster

Music: Henning Sommerro

The impossible art

June 14 : 9pm


Kafé K


1h 30m


nok 200


Elsa Kvamme


Elsa Kvamme


Henning Sommerro


Henning Sommerro - keyboard-accordion-vocal
Magnhild Skomedal Torvanger - fviolin
Rolv Olav Eide - percussion