Forestillinger | Tord Gustavsen & Synne Sanden : Quiet Explosion Duo

Synne Sanden and Tord Gustavsen takes us on a musical journey based on material originally written as a commissioned work for the Oslo Jazz Festival in 2014. They explore a musical landscape that combines beauty, catchy melodies, delicate moods and open improvised sections.

The lyrics are written by Synne and the melodies they have composed together. The collaboration has further evolved since its first performance, and the duo-concept provides a special opportunity to explore the subtle nuances and take the material further.

Synne Sanden is a singer and songwriter who have taken the Norwegian indie-pop scene by storm in recent years. Tord Gustavsen is an internationally recognized and award-winning composer and jazz pianist with seven albums on the German ECM label.

Tord Gustavsen & Synne Sanden : Quiet Explosion Duo

June 16 : 9pm




nok 200


Synne Sanden
Tord Gustavsen