Forestillinger | Visjoner Teater : Hedda Gabler

Hedda Gabler is considered one of Ibsen’s most enigmatic women, and one of the major roles in classical realism.

When Juni Dahr takes Hedda out of the bourgeois theater hall and into the real room at the Admini, we get what Jon Thorsås in Kulturspeilet calls “The closest we come to a perfect Hedda.” The proximity of the audience requires the actors not to “play theater” but use us a natural play style.

The performance has been nominated for the Hedda Prize, it has visited the Retroperspektywy Theater Festival in Poland, Fadjr Festival in Tehran in Iran and the Almada International Theater Festival in Lisbon, where it won the festival’s audience prize. It is also featured at the Japan International Theater Festival.

Henrik Ibsen is brought out of the theater and into real rooms. It provides power and realistic understanding of what is happening in Ibsen’s inner drama. With an audience of 40 -50 in close proximity, it becomes a very special setting…   – Aftenposten

A brave action. This is a pure and clear Hedda Gabler in a scenography that fits: Pulled between the closed room and the freedom of nature.  – Dagbladet

Performed in Norwegian

See trailer here

Idea and concept: Juni Dahr

Actors: Lars Øyno, Robert Skjærstad, Nina Woxholtt, Hauk Heyerdahl, Juni Dahr.

Text reworked by Juni Dahr og Tonje Gotschalksen.

Director: Juni Dahr and Tonje Gotschalksen

Producer: Marianne Roland

Costumes: Silje Fjellberg


Thanks to Yara for – without charge – letting us use the beautiful Admini


Admini, Herøya

June 14.-15.-16. at 9pm

1h 40m

390,-  U25: 293,-

Visjoner Teater : Hedda Gabler

June 14 : 6pm
June 14 : 9pm
June 15 : 6pm
June 15 : 9pm
June 16 : 6pm


Admini på Herøya


1h 40min


Ord: 390
U25: 293


Juni Dahr and
Tonje Gotshalksen


Juni Dahr


Henrik Ibsen
reworked by Juni Dahr and Tonje Gotschalksen


Hauk Heyerdahl
Juni Dahr
Lars Øyno
Nina Woxholtt
Robert Skjærstad


Silje Fjellberg


Marianne Roland