What happens in the brain when the heart is broken? Should we rather say: I love you with all my brain? Because this is where the worst nightmare is taking place. I want to take a look at the research, and in particular recent research into the brain, by putting my own heartache under the […]

Memoria deals with the burden of remembering and the commitment not to forget, with the challenges of returning home after deportation, and with a stranger singing under a tree. The performance is dedicated to the writers Primo Levi and Jean Améry who survived Auschwitz only to commit suicide later. The true stories about Moshe and Stella come […]

Scene:Bluss – The Hellmouth Edition is a two week long residency that will end in an immersive, durational performance. The project is based on the TV-series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The small town Porsgrunn will become Sunnydale. We will be the Scooby-gang, the demons, the helpers and the betrayers in producing a total art piece. […]

Battle at the Dairy 1933 : Meierislaget 1933 In Grenland Friteater’s new big outdoor performance about the Battle at the Dairy in 1933 we follow striking dairy ladies, local youths, police officers and curious spectators at Meieritorvet when the brutal state police arrive in Porsgrunn, ready to attack people with their truncheons raised. The Menstad […]

As a Tiger in the Jungle is produced by an international partnership between Ali Williams, ex-Artistic Director of the pioneering Welsh circus company NoFit State, and Norwegian company Circus Xanti. When Renu was 5 years old and Aman was 6, they were taken from their Nepalese villages and sold into circus across the Indian border, where […]

“It’s a very special atmosphere in the city when the PIT invite to dance at the Brusteinsball; the start of 5 magical days. A week in June each year the industrial town goes a bit crazy and switches to samba rhythms. Streets, squares and alleys get voices. Excited voices. PIT has become synonymous with a […]

  Fools, jugglers, clowns and other madmen and -women take control over the streets of Porsgrunn. They all have one thing in common: The Street is their Stage. Hence the festival’s motto: One city, one stage! It is never boring in Porsgrunn during PIT. We promise entertainment both for adults and children. But watch out! […]