It is 2017. Dr. Joseph Goebbels, the strategist behind Hitler’s propaganda, is very much alive and spends his time in The Führer’s bunker. From there he sends his daily program Radio Free Goebbels. He believes more than ever in the vision behind the Third Reich, “now that our country and our culture is getting polluted […]

We can not completely rely on our memories, and yet, there is no reality other than that we carry with us in memory. Every moment we live, get their importance thanks to the past. Present and future would lose all meaning if the past was erased from our consciousness. Between ourselves, and nothing, is our […]

“I have no happy memories of childhood.” This is how the story begins, based on the author’s own life. Edouard Louis has taken Europe by storm with the autobiographical debut novel Goodbye to Eddy Bellegueule.  Louis is not writing about a genius that will travel away from everything that is familiar. He tells about a […]

We are proud to present Elsa Kvamme’s documentary about Odin Teatret; a road movie with Eugenio Barba, going back to Odin Teatret’s origins and how the group conquered the world. Odin Teatret is today one of the world’s oldest and most famous theatre companies. But what drives Eugenio Barba, and how has he managed to […]

  A 90 minute solo piece of documentary/gonzo theatre about Pendry’s trip to Washington DC in January 2017 to witness the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as 45th President of the United States. The piece follows the chronology of the days leading up to the inauguration , the inauguration its self and the marches the […]

Synne Sanden and Tord Gustavsen takes us on a musical journey based on material originally written as a commissioned work for the Oslo Jazz Festival in 2014. They explore a musical landscape that combines beauty, catchy melodies, delicate moods and open improvised sections. The lyrics are written by Synne and the melodies they have composed […]

  With a wall-to-wall 21st century freshness, light years past any concept of vogue, or any linear genre lines, Norwegian quartet Rohey deliver music that bristles with energy and honesty, that grooves with the best funk, that has deep soul roots while keeping an eye on the broad expanse of a golden future. Lead vocalist […]

Dance Theatre from actors Stuart Lynch, Astrid Lund and Butoh Dancer ‘Katerega’. Poetic, raw and existential this play explores the sometimes unresolvable conflict between happiness and hate; luck and misfortune; trust & betrayal. Featuring actors Stuart Lynch, Astrid Lund & Butoh dancer Katerega, the work is a charismatic blend of monologues, dialogues and the animalistic […]

Finding inspiration in the Nordic midsummer when the sun is sharp and the shadows are long, 16 playwrights have written a variety of tales that reveal where we find ourselves today in our part of the northern hemisphere. “To see”, is the common theme that runs through all 16 short plays and with each interpretation […]

The Government has announced that there will be a new White Paper on culture. It is 10 years since the last time it we got a separate performing arts White Paper. The performing arts field is constantly changing. The institutions are changing. We’ve got a new Opera – the largest institution of all. The independent […]

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome! The year is 1938. The mighty theater director Sven Elvedal is bankrupt. The theater will be closed; friends and colleagues will be thrown into despairing unemployment.  But, wait! In from the left comes the busty Hilda Hendriksen. She can generate money, but it will be some restrictions. She has written a tribute […]

  Rune Belsvik has written three books about life in the tiny hamlet Bløygen. Grenland Friteater – as the first theatre in the country – will stage his poetic and witty tale of Bidger and Esmulini. A couple that most of all wants a child, – but they have no idea how it’s done. And […]

“It’s a very special atmosphere in the city when the PIT invite to dance at the Brusteinsball; the start of 5 magical days. A week in June each year the industrial town goes a bit crazy and switches to samba rhythms. Streets, squares and alleys get voices. Excited voices. PIT has become synonymous with a […]

  Fools, jugglers, clowns and other madmen and -women take control over the streets of Porsgrunn. They all have one thing in common: The Street is their Stage. Hence the festival’s motto: One city, one stage! It is never boring in Porsgrunn during PIT. We promise entertainment both for adults and children. But watch out! […]