Growth of the Soil was created in 2005, opening during The Arts Festival of North Norway. Growth of the Soil has toured barns all over Norway 2006-2018 and has been seen by approximately 26 000 persons, many inhabiting remote places in Norway. Growth of the Soil has been on tour to Västanå Teater in Sunne in Sweden and […]

Machines, mechanics, two men and one hen.  Garage is a humorous and noisy theater performance that smells of oil and gasoline. The play takes place in a mechanical workshop environment where we meet two men in filthy overalls. They are passionate and curious, with a strong fascination for how everything around them works. They have […]

CHAMBRE NOIRE is a wild hallucination around the death-bed of Valerie Jean Solanas (1936-1988): the most beautiful girl in America, the talented psychology student who spent her life going in and out of mental institutions, the first intellectual whore, writer, radical feminist, creator of the SCUM Manifesto, the woman who shot Andy Warhol… A character that […]

“With this small pencil I will draw the word I will write the world.”  We are proud to welcome the internationally acclaimed Taha performance about the Palestinian poet Taha Muhammed Ali to PIT! Amer Hlehel is the author and performer of the play Taha, which tells the story of the celebrated Palestinian poet Taha Muhammad Ali. […]

Welcome to StatsTeatret’s 8th instalment of Norwegian history! This time the 1980s Aker Brygge – where dreams come true, and the bubbles burst! StatsTeatret takes you back to the 80s and to the song about the free market. Back to the decade where profitability, share issue, corruption, insider trading and “milking the cow” became part […]

    1917 – When the bells stopped The years around the Russian Revolution in 1917 may represent the greatest dream humanity has ever had. A just world was around the corner, man was going from necessity to freedom. Barriers burst in all areas. The workers were to take over and control the factories, the […]

Aluminum Songs is a theater concert in the borderland between Kurt Weill, rusty worker songs and fragile rhythmic pop. Geddy Aniksdal has written a number of strongly autobiographical lyrics, with the main emphasis on growing up in Aluminum Country; more specifically, Årdalstangen in the Sognefjord. The composer is Guttorm Guttormsen. What do we do when […]

In May 2018 came the book Men hold kjeft da, Henriksen (Just shut up, Henriksen). A month later, the performance with the same title premiered at Nordland Theater, a premiere that got the critics to dig up the big superlatives. Sven Henriksen is an actor, singer, playwright and social a voice in the social debate. […]

A man in a suitable suite shows up with a beehive. It will soon turn out to be a surprise package with a built-in stove, its own waterworks, secret jukebox and a miniature stage. In close and vibrant interaction with the young audience, a small life story is performed about a man who gets everything […]

A newlywed couple stands outside their first common residence. They hesitate to enter. How will they fit the concrete table? Where’s the roof, and who has the key? Gyrid Axe Øvsteng’s texts have many rooms; room for laughter, room for wonder, room for reflection, room for the subtitle, and, not least, room for meeting ourselves […]

DONKY-MILK TO THE PEOPLE! is the slogan when LecheBurre takes the stage. A energy force and a call to the world to be united through the music. LecheBurre began as a workshop for musical gathering and experimentation. Now their Latinflow is a living example of new culture from Gothenburg, where different music styles, mainly from […]

Scene:Bluss is an experimental interdisciplinary platform, a festival within the festival, a place to test and share ideas, where we provide a framework for the unpredictable. It has lasted for 4 hours, for 4 days and for 25 hours nonstop. POSSE means gang, band, group. This year we invite dancing and reading group POSSE; a […]

Wim Wenders’ tribute to the legendary German choreographer Pina Bausch. A sensual and hypnotic movie experience that matches Bausch’s unique mix of theater and dance. Wim Wenders has made a beautiful document about one of our most important artists. Kafé K June 14, 22.00 2h 100,- (members 50,-) NB! Tickets at entrance only  

STREET OF FOOLS is the festival’s cornucopia. This is where everything can happen! Clowns, acrobats, puppet shows, street performers, comic “opera”, slapstick, musicians and hip-hop. You will also find various food stalls that save you from making food these days.  Program June 12th Program June 13th Program June 14th Program June 15th Summer Garden at […]

“It’s a very special atmosphere in the city when the PIT invite to dance at the Brusteinsball; the start of 5 magical days. A week in June each year the industrial town goes a bit crazy and switches to samba rhythms. Streets, squares and alleys get voices. Excited voices. PIT has become synonymous with a […]

Fools, jugglers, clowns and other madmen and -women take control of the streets of Porsgrunn. They all have one thing in common: The Street is their Stage. Hence the festival’s motto: One city, one stage! It is never boring in Porsgrunn during PIT. We promise entertainment both for young and old. But watch out! You […]

Battle at the Dairy 1933 : Meierislaget 1933 In Grenland Friteater’s new big outdoor performance about the Battle at the Dairy in 1933 we follow striking dairy ladies, local youths, police officers and curious spectators at Meieritorvet when the brutal state police arrive in Porsgrunn, ready to attack people with their truncheons raised. The Menstad […]